Welcome to MaryNews

 Welcome to MaryNews.com. This is my personal website which I am updating in July 2012. I have several goals for this website --

  1. I want to share photos and documents located during the family history research I have completed since about 1958 when I first began the search for information on my family genealogy.
  2. I plan to share stories about experiences I've had in my genealogical research.
  3. I want to write short histories about the people identified.
  4. I will share my testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ, his Gospel and the joy it brings to me.
  5. There will be a special family section for JAMS members (descendants of Joel and Mary Schwartz. I hope to create a photo archive here where everyone can upload family photos to share.
  6. The site will also have a special section to feature photos and stories about the restoration of the Jacob and Catherine Goergen family farm near Stevensville, Ontario.
  7. The schedule/calendar for our family property in Heber City, Utah will be on the site.
  8. Finally, I will also post announcements on family reunions or other special events.

My hope is that MaryNews.com will continue after I am gone and be a 'gathering' place for family history, family news, and family connections.

I have had a website now for 15 or more years. In those years, at lot has changed. I retired as CEO of our company and started a public charity where I now spend most of my time. I've moved to a new home and our family has grown to include 24 grandchildren. However, over all the years and changes, my testimony of the Savior has not changed although it has grown. I know there is a purpose for life and that 'families are forever.' I have a testimony that God lives, that we are his children and He loves us. I testify that his son, Jesus Christ, is literally our Savior and Redeemer. I am so grateful for the scriptures which I love to read and where I can learn from the testimonies of others. I hope you may want to click here to learn more of our family beliefs.